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Former 14th century closter of St. Francis convent monks, following to the suppression of the religious orders (the 1809 Murat Laws), it was used for several different purposes until 1887 when it became the Municipal Hall. The neoclassical façade, designed by architect Ferdinando Ayroldi, was built between 1861 and 1887. It shows two powerful manly statues laid as pillars sustaining the clock hosting the Ostuni township arms. The closter can be entered into from right hand portal. It was designed by engineer Pietro Magarelli. The left portal leads to the upper Municipal hall, through a large lobby decorated with a huge painting of Onofrio Bramante (1976), dedicated to the Ostuni’s workers and to the fruits of the land.Only the western and northern wings are left of the ancient convent, which presents corridors divided in bays with star vaults laying on pillars and walls embellished by large Bramante canvas illustrating the suffering, the hope and the energy of the Apulian people.

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