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There are 17 kilometers of coastline on the territory of Ostuni, along which succeed long beaches with dunes covered by Mediterranean scrub and sandy coves alternated with stretches of rocky coast. The coast of Ostuni is now one of the largest tourist attraction of Puglia, and this has given the green light to the development of facilities, offering an extreme variety of services and hospitality.  Among the most beautiful beaches are: Pilone, Rosa Marina, Monticelli, Villanova, Costa Merlata and Saint Lucia - Torre Pozzella.
Pilone - A stretch of sandy coast with high dunes covered by juniper secular, dominated by warning tower aragonese of San Leonardo in the sixteenth century. For its high environmental value due to the presence of habitat considered by the importance of community, now has become Regional Natural Reserve.
Rosa Marina - A succession of small sandy beaches, between the maquis, where in the'60s, between stone walls, olive groves secular and the sea, was built a tourist large settlement of international importance (in the village residential you can enter only with Card).
Monticelli - On the high dunes that give the name to the resort, you can find a quiet and family atmosphere. In this area were found evidence of a village of bronze age.
Villanova - Where was located  the old Petronella, then renamed Villanova, there is a marina, dock for boats of fishermen and recreational boats. Suggestive is the tower-castle XVI, who dominates the port.
Costa Merlata - It is so called for the coastline extremely jagged, with the sea that insinuates between the gorges of a rocky coast forming unique and intimate sandy coves.
Santa Lucia / Torre Pozzella - A coast of incomparable beauty for its wildlife and unspoiled nature. A succession of inlets protected by high cliffs, where the rare juniper secular lap the sea. It is so called for the presence of a warning tower dating back to the sixteenth century.

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