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cavalcata sant'oronzo ostuni
25-26-27  AGOSTO
Sant'Oronzo ride. The famous ride in costume in honor of the patron saints takes place on 25,26,27 of August since 1794.  This particular procession is followed by musical band with drums, bass drums and penny whistle. Sant'Oronzo became patron of Ostuni in the second half of the XVII century for the miracle of saving the local inhabitats from the plague that flagellated the Salento. The sanctuary of Monte Morrone was built in 1656 in his honor.  The origins of the ride are uncertain; Ludovico Pepe, Father Bonaventura da Lama, priest Angleo Cavallo speak about. It is sure that on the 26th of August  1803 the notary Felice Giovine with 43 fellow citizens officializes the Saint's procession with the horses,they  engaged themselves to support personally all the necessary expenses, in reason of 7 ducats a head each year, for a total of 258 ducats to spend in music, fireworks and any other thing needed to the worthy success of the manifestation. The statue of the Saint is escorted by "vaticali" on horseback, and the uniform of the horsemen recalls the Napoleonic era, while the horse, as well as various decorated harnesses, is covered by a red saddle-cloth, trimmed with embroidered white lace. The honour of being a participant at this historic rendezvous, and of being a part of the Saint's escort party, is handed down from father to son: many of whom return to Ostuni from other Italian cities or from abroad, renewing every year an act of faith together with their love for their land of origin.
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