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Ostuni, the white city, famous tourist destination in Brindisi province, is situated on three hills. The city is known throughout the world as the "White City" for the fairy-tale charm of its old town with whitewashed houses. Ostuni sea, along the coast, has many beaches perfect for families and children and for water sports lovers, representing one of the biggest tourist attraction at international level. Coast’s beauty with kilometers of white beaches and surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, alternating with small coves and high and jagged cliffs, crystal clear waters that ensure the recognition of the "Blue Flag" for many years, emblem of water quality and warranty seal for the environmental aspect
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It is connected to the legend that tells how the saint was able to remove a thorn from the throat of a dying man. In the suggestive countryside of Ostuni wilderness thousands of pilgrims walk (some even barefoot) to the sanctuary located in a rugged cave where, in a little church, is the obelisk of St. Blaise. Tradition states that, to remember the episode, before celebration of the Mass, the priest touches with a wet finger in the holy water the throat of every faithful, making the sign of the cross.
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