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Built between 1750 and 1753 by the will of the bishop Francesco Antonio Scoppa, presents the front in rocaille style with the portal surmounted by the signs of the same Scoppa and, over the niche, of the Carmelite Order; the monastery was built between 1710 and 1730, by will of bishop Cono Luchino del Verme behind the bestowed gift, in 1710, by the Priest Giovanni Battista de Benedictis. The impressiveness of this architectural structure founds in the interior a naked masonry of the walls lime painted; the apse zone presents a brightly coloured massive stone altar on which raises a monumental grey frame worked  in plaster that originally contained a canvas of Martyr St. Vito painted in 1753 by Mattia de Mare, now preserved in the town museum. The major chorus, like the little windows that open at  the top of the room, is masked by jealousy, wooden trellises rounded by undulating lines. The minor chorus is set at the right of the entrance, and is occupied by the pipe organ realized in 1764 by  Michele Sanarica. The 18th century pulpit is divided into panels with landscape scenes.

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